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Back in tha days when I was young I'm not a kid anymore but sometimes I sit n' wish I was a kid again.
How many of y'all remember that song? as I write this, I feel like a kid again, life was fun then, not too much worries, if there were any, all you had to do was your homework nd voila! you could play till your mum came screaming.
I remember riding down a hill (I'm older now, so I'd call it a slope) on my bike and one of the other kids threw a large stone in my path (the object of the game was to try and swerve/dodge all obstacles in your way - like swerve cones used in car steering tests -) and the next thing I knew, I came tumbling down the hill (kinda like the Jack n' Jill story) and ended up with a lotta bruises, I still got some o' tha scars now, but those were the days. If only I could go back to being a kid again ....
Well, a brief history would be nice here, let me see ... okay, I'd start like this ..
I was born a long time ago, in Lagos state of Nigeria, after a while my parents had to move, so at age 4, I ended up in kaduna state (northern Nigeria) where I attended Airforce Primary school, I remember how I loved reading anything (newspapers, magazines, any thing in print) my uncle used to call me Prof and thank God I was a brilliant kid, always topped class and was the center of attraction on prize giving days, but all that was about to change as I "grew up" and gained admission into the Military school...hmm... Let me pause for a while here 'cos that's another story.
All said and done, I had a wonderful, balance childhood, my peeps gave me all (almost all) I wanted (needed actually) and back then Kaduna was very peaceful place to live, and it was fun mixing with all kinds of people, Muslims, Christians, Hausa, Yoruba, Ibo, name it, I wish ... (sorry R-Kelly)..
Anyways, I went on to Military school and ... [more..]



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Way Back when..
It was fun being a little kid, and every minute was worth it. Don't you want to be a kid again? (be honest)
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