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Nigerian Airforce experience



This had to be the most important stage of my life, 'cos at this point in time I was being molded to face the harsh realities of this world and at age 11, you can't imagine that you'd be kicked, beaten like an animal, slapped, in fact brutalized in such a manner (all in the process of molding I guess I turned into a fine piece of sculpture). Let me start from the start (as my boy would say)
1457 hrs 11 01 89, I was staring at the gates of the Airforce Military school Jos, all seemed well and everything was looking peaceful and calm, when suddenly I heard.. "kai! stop dia", "Oga leave am make hin carry hin kaya". "Bagger!! come here!!, double up!!"
Imagine how I felt. It wasn't funny, as my Dad turned to leave, I felt my eyes water and hot tears began to stream down my face, it was ..... "sniff" "sniff" (okay where was I, yeah as I was saying .. sorry about the tears, brings back memories) I felt my heart melt, here I was, all alone in the world with these mean looking soldiers waiting to take me away, nothing can prepare you for such a rude shock. In any case, I went through the normal rigours of checking in, and making sure that all the items you were required to come along with were complete, else you'd have to go back home to get them!
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 The school eh, na die!!

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